Monday, January 27, 2014

Adventures in Sleeplessness: A Personal Tale

I attempted to go to bed at 10:30 pm on January 27. It is now the morning of the 28th at 2:15 am and I am and have been nowhere sleep. I moved to the couch around 11:30 so as not to disturb my boyfriend with my huffs and sighs of frustration (like he'd notice anyway, he sleeps like a rock). I've noted some pros and cons of sleeping on my futon couch.

Pros: ultimate kitty snuggle time, way more comfortable than my bed (surprisingly?), no snoring boyfriend, able to move around without accidentally punching boyfriend in the face, quiet trips to the bathroom (I trip on the edge of the bed a lot...a lot)

Cons: too many ultimate kitty snuggles hinder my would-be sleep, lights from the lamp posts shine too brightly into the un-draped window, kitty makes too much noise scratching at stuff and throwing his toys around, car lights also shine in the window least I have ear plugs to block most kitty noises. 

Still the problem bugs the hell do I get to sleep? Do I even have a pineal gland? Does it understand what a sleep-wake cycle is? I take a prescribed sleep aid, but it's been failing me for the past two weeks or so. I could take a higher dosage, but then I'd be groggy and zombie-like the next day. I think my body is sabotaging me - why would you do this to me?!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baked Brie

Last night, to get my boyfriend to take a break from editing, I decided that I was going to make some delicious baked Brie.  My parents bought me this cherries jubilee Brie topper to try out because they know baked Brie is my favorite thing ever.  So here's what I did!

I bought basic crescent rolls and placed them like this, so that when I was ready to wrap up the Brie, all sides would be covered. I still had to pinch some of the dough together before putting it in the oven, but that happens. 

Using this jelly, I spread down a sticky surface for the cherries jubilee packet (which I forgot to take a picture of).  It was mainly vanilla sugar, dried cherries, orange flavor, and cashews. I spread these all over the center and a little into the triangles. 

This is the kind of Brie I used. I cut the paper off so it gets super melty inside, but you don't have to do that. I sometimes don't!

The oven was preheated to 350, and I'm sending this little guy off for about 24 minutes. Usually it's approximately 30, but my stupid oven runs too hot sometimes. 

While that was cooking, I put some French baguette slices in the panini press for five minutes to crisp them up...

And I sliced some apples! 

Straight out of the oven, let it cool for a bit. Hot cheese IS lava. Delicious, mouth incinerating lava. 

I'm not usually one for presentation, but baked Brie is kind of classy,  right? Sure. I was too busy stuffing my face with this to take a picture of the inside, but I assure you, everything was glorious. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Movie 43 - A summary and loose review

...What the hell did I just watch? This movie is...something. This was given a 2/5 stars on Netflix, and I'd heard about it through friends who "enjoyed" it. I laughed, I won't deny it that, but this is not an example of a good movie. It's a movie about a (homeless?) guy (Dennis Quaid) who has a bunch of movie and short ideas that he brings to a studio exec (Greg Kinnear) to try to get his ideas to the screen. His ideas, played out in different sketches by different A-list actors, are nothing less than awful. This whole over-arching segment is called "The Pitch." Things in this sketch escalate throughout the film, but I'm not the spoiler-ing type, so I won't reveal anything.

The first segment or short presented is titled "The Catch," which stars Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman on a blind date. This sketch is awkwardly humorous, but mostly just awkward. I really can't delve into too much detail on this one.

The second segment is called "Homeschooled" and is one of the shorts I liked the best. Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts (who are together in real life!) have homeschooled their teenage son his whole life. But to make his academic life more like a normal teenager's, they implement all the old cliches normally found in high schools. While a couple of new neighbors are visiting, the parents discuss their son's experience as a homeschooled teenager, and what the new neighbors hear is not what they expected.

"The Proposition" stars Anna Faris and Chris Pratt as a couple who are ready to move onto the next level of their relationship. However, the next step is different for either one. While he wishes to propose marriage, she proposes something a little more unconventional. He asks his friends for advice and is told that this is a great honor and not a whore's act. On the night of their consummation, he prepares accordingly, but his anxiety overrules his manners, and the night is ruined.

Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin are exes. In "Veronica (Emma's character)," she storms into the grocery store where her ex is at work and they begin to argue...and flirt...and get verbally sexual. What should be a private conversation, however, is not. This was another sketch I really enjoyed.

Throughout the movie, there are several "commercials" featuring the iBabe - an iPod with the body of an attractive woman. In the actual "iBabe" sketch, the company that produces this human mp3 player (including Richard Gere, Jack McBrayer, and Kate Bosworth) learns that the consumers of their product aren't using the iBabe for its original purpose. Lawsuits are being handed to the company left and right. Should they have put a warning label on their product?

In "Superhero Speed Dating," our Boy Wonder, Robin (Justin Long), is looking for love, but he keeps getting, well, cockblocked by Batman, played by Jason Sudeikis, who's actually looking for a bomb placed by his nemesis, The Penguin. But while Batman is at it, he screws with Robin. Among Robin's speed dates are Lois Lane (Uma Thurman) and Supergirl (Kristen Bell). Superman shows up and foils Robin's chances with Lois, and Supergirl is not who she seems. Batman also encounters Wonder Woman, and so many hijinks ensue. This was another fun sketch.

We take so many things for granted in today's world. ATMs are necessary when we need instant cash, but do we ever thank them? No, they're just machines. Or are they? How does the money actually come out of the dispenser? How does it know how much? Thanks to "Machine Kids," maybe you'll think twice about how you treat an ATM. I chuckled at this fake commercial.

Middle school is a really awkward time for dating. Chloe Grace Moretz learns the hard way in "Middle School Date", and so do Jimmy Bennett (her date) and his older brother (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But the boys learn more than just how awkward pre-teen dating can be, they learn about the female anatomy when puberty hits. This sketch is also full of awkward humor, which I'm a fan of, so I thought this one was pretty funny.
Featured during "Middle School Date" is another commercial, "Tampax." It involves two women on the beach, a shark, and the tagline "Now leak-proof."

"Happy Birthday" is just the type of thing Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville were made for. Johnny slept with Seann's girlfriend, so in order to make it up to him (and as a birthday present), he captures a leprechaun (played by Gerard Butler, which I did NOT catch onto). You know that if you catch a leprechaun, he'll give you his pot of gold. But you know that you also shouldn't mess around with the Irish. Luckily, the two ultimately best the leprechaun (and his cohort). There's also a part two to the awesome birthday present...

"Truth or Dare" is a story of one-upping, starring Halle Berry on a blind date with Stephen Merchant. Small talk and typical get-to-know-you dates are the last thing Halle wants anymore, so she challenges her date to an ongoing game of Truth or Dare. Things get really out of hand, but they end up getting it on, in the end.

Remember the Titans was a fantastic movie. In this spirit, "Victory's Glory" tells the tale of a basketball coach giving his players an uplifting, in-it-to-win-it speech to encourage his boys. Don't expect a Denzel-type speech in this one, but do expect a laugh or four. The final sketch is played mid-credits, after ending the film with the final scenes of "The Pitch." It is about a cartoon cat obsessed with his owner. "Beezle" is a maniacal cat willing to do anything to keep his owner, Josh Duhamel, all to his little kitty self. But Josh is in a serious relationship with Elizabeth Banks, who suspects Beezle is not the innocent cat his owner believes him to be. This last sketch is another awkward watch, and although I laughed a bit, it was more "eeeeeh" than "ha!" Final word is, if you have time to kill and want to watch something that doesn't take a lot of brain power but does offer tons of stars, by all means, watch this. There are a few laughs, and you'll mostly ask yourself "how the hell did they convince these A-listers to do this shit?" Is it better than some of those parody movies like "Epic Movie" and "Meet the Spartans"? Yes. There may be cheap gags, but they're pretty original.

I'm too indecisive when it comes to giving ratings (there are too many things to consider!), but I'll give this one a straight 5/10.

Friday, January 24, 2014

For writers of short stories and poets (and even photographers!)

Another one of my best friends has a literary magazine that I'd like to share with you. Vector Press is on its third issue right now (still taking submissions: please follow the rules and guidelines!) and is looking for WOMEN ONLY for the current issue. Vector Press also occasionally accepts photography! Vector Press is only interested in the viscera, not the ephemera - something that grips and does not let go. So if you're interested, you can submit HERE!

What do you do with only 1/2 pound of beef?

I have two pounds of beef I just put in the fridge to thaw out for dinner (or for tomorrow's dinner, depending on how long it takes). Last night, I used half a pound of beef to make a burger. I woke up today not wanting a burger, but felt that I should use the rest of the beef. I had no idea what to do with it! I looked over the internet and founds lots of ideas, but was too lazy to make any of them, especially since I would've had to go out and get the ingredients. And actually, on that note, it's not that I'm too lazy to go out, it's that IT'S TOO COLD. Yes, this coming from somebody from the north living in the south, but it's 32 degrees and windy. If it weren't for the beautiful blue sky, I'd consider this all-around Pittsburgh weather. Anyway, I decided I had to make due with what items I had.

I hoard mac'n'cheese. 

But before I started doing noodly things, I cooked my beef with a little bit of tomato juice and added half a pack of:

Since I only had half a pound of beef, I only used half of the pack. Once the beef was done and the noodles were drained, I mixed them together back in the pot. 

Beefy, noodly goodness. I could've eaten it without the cheese! But I didn't. The masterpiece was complete when:

So beef. Much noodle. Very cheese. Wow. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Candles for Fandoms

Ladies and gentlemen of the fandom realm, I'd like to promote something my best friend and her sister have started up. Fandlemonium is a site where fans of shows, video games, movies, books, and comics can find a specialized scent for their beloved characters. So far, there is a limited amount of characters to choose from, but with your help and creativity, you can custom order a candle to fit your desires! For instance, I requested a custom made candle for my favorite character from Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper. This candle smells like cherry pie and coffee! Their business is brand new, and I'd love nothing more than to help them take off and be successful. I'll be adding a link on the sidebar for your future reference!

What's to come (zombies!)

Pretty soon, I'm going to start writing reviews on this blog!  Television, movie, and book reviews will be pretty normal, and I'll throw in the occasional video game.  But as a very special first-look, I'm going to tell you about a zombie book I'm about to start reading.  This book comes from author Angela Scott who writes about the undead in the Old West. 

I'll be reading the Zombie West Trilogy which follows a young woman who's lost everything to the devouring disease and her survival in the old west.  You can find a more detailed description of the trilogy in the link above. 

There will be a separate link on my blog to a promotional page for this, so keep an eye out, tell your friends, and prepare thyself for a review in the future!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I bought special things at Kohl's today

Kohl's, man.  I wish I had all the money so I could get all the graphic tees.  I could only afford two, and an extra little sum'n sum'n.  
I don't know how this video ended up upside down and blurry, but this watch is AWESOME.  It lights up in different colors and...Marvel Heroes! Speaking of Marvel...

Yaaaay! I also bought two pairs of jeans from Marshalls along with a dress for spring.  It was an uneventful day. I helped my mom clean house for the arrival of my Gramma. I spent lots of time with cats, and even danced in the shower.  Success!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let's get to know each other over dinner

Thanks for coming by.  I'm making spaghetti carbonara.  My recipe and some pics will be at the end of this post.  First things first, let me introduce myself:  I'm Kristin.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1988, but despite loving my city as much as a person can, I moved to Charleston, South Carolina because my body rebels against me when the weather turns cold.  My friends here in Charleston get pretty annoyed with how much I talk about Pittsburgh.  Have you ever met a fangirl over a city (who didn't just base her love on sports)?  Well, I think you just have. 

My parents brought me up on Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, other science fiction movies like Stargate, fantasy movies like Willow, and my brother gave me his hand-me-down memories (and toys) from growing up in the early 80s, so He-Man and Rainbow Brite were bffs.  My parents never really supervised the television and movies I watched, so my first introduction to rated R movies included the Alien series, the Terminator movies, and plenty of other not-for-six-year-olds films.  They knew I fell in love with movies at an early age when I wouldn't stop quoting The Princess Bride and Mortal Kombat (which is something I geek out over the hardest...Christopher Lambert!).  Eventually, sometime in elementary school when I was pretending to be an immortal witch with glowing green eyes and superpowers (I was a little drama queen), I learned that film, writing, and nerdery were my passions. 

I started writing poems and stories in elementary school, but they were terrible. Once I started reading books not recommended for my age group (we're talking Stephen King), I learned how to form a compelling story.  The more movies and television shows I watched, and the more books I read, I started to draw inspiration for more writing projects.  I'd write a lot of romantic poems, angsty poems, depressed poems (ah, puberty).  I also wrote a lot of science fiction with myself as the protagonist.  Nothing ever came of my writing until I made it to high school.  I took two creative writing classes, one that was offered at the school as an elective, and one at the local community college.  Some of my short stories or essays made it into the high school literary magazine, and one ended up on the internet, though that website has since been shut down.

I stopped writing for a while because I lost my passion for it and picked up the passion for film as a replacement.  I've taken film classes, both in film making and film analysis.  My first blog (which I unfortunately neglect) focuses on film analysis and critique, but it's mostly just an amateur's opinion.  I see my future taking place in the film world, whether it be screen writing, adaptation, acting, critique, or just being a grip.  My boyfriend is a DOP and my best friends here in Charleston are also in the film business.

If you continue reading my blog, you'll find out more about other things I love.  Stick around and I promise not to bore you.  Anyway, didn't you come here for food?  Here's what you need:
Spaghetti noodles
Four eggs
1/4 cup grated Romano cheese
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Salt & Pepper

Boil some water! Sprinkle some sea salt or garlic salt in there to spruce up your noodles.

Place your four eggs in some warm water so the sauce comes together more easily when you mix everything together. 


Grab a pack of bacon and leave it as it was packaged.  Cut the slab in lines so you'll have little chopped cubey bacony things.

 Break those eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk the hell out of those little buggers.

Mix the Romano and Parmesan cheeses in a 1/2 measuring cup.  You can add more cheese if you want later.

Sorry for the picture quality, I had a cat using me as a scratching post.   This picture is supposed to show the shredded cheeses mixed with the eggs.  I also added some black pepper to add more flavor.

When your bacon is nice and crispy (feel free to take a sample just to make sure it tastes okay), let 'em hang out on a paper towel to de-grease until you need them (which will be soon!)

 god that looks good
While your spaghetti is still hot (right out of the boiling water, or having had hot water running on it), plop the noodz into the egg-and-cheese mixture, along with your bacon and some chopped up parsley.  Use salad tongs to mix it all up.  Look at those glistening noodles!  If you want, sprinkle some more cheese on top and zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds to ensure better meltage.


Thanks for listening to be ramble on about myself.  If you took anything away from this one-sided conversation, let it be the carbonara recipe.  If you take more with you, then I hope to see you back here soon.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Well, since I have no idea what I'm doing here, as this is my first real blog about myself, I'd just like to start off saying that this is a comfortable place.  Things that make me warm and happy inside go here.  Things that make me squee and flail with joy will also go here.  Film, books, comics, cutesy wootsey animals, comfort food (homemade sometimes!), funky internet finds, video games, clothes and other shopping discoveries, and other niceties are located in this happy hobbit hole.  From time to time, I'll talk to you about other blogs I'm loving the hell out of, and of course, I'll be guiding you through my life journey. 

My cat will make lots of special appearances.

I also have a huge fondness for GIFS. 

Let the games begin.  Next post will be a general introduction to who I am and what I do with my spare time (which is pretty much all the time).