Monday, January 27, 2014

Adventures in Sleeplessness: A Personal Tale

I attempted to go to bed at 10:30 pm on January 27. It is now the morning of the 28th at 2:15 am and I am and have been nowhere sleep. I moved to the couch around 11:30 so as not to disturb my boyfriend with my huffs and sighs of frustration (like he'd notice anyway, he sleeps like a rock). I've noted some pros and cons of sleeping on my futon couch.

Pros: ultimate kitty snuggle time, way more comfortable than my bed (surprisingly?), no snoring boyfriend, able to move around without accidentally punching boyfriend in the face, quiet trips to the bathroom (I trip on the edge of the bed a lot...a lot)

Cons: too many ultimate kitty snuggles hinder my would-be sleep, lights from the lamp posts shine too brightly into the un-draped window, kitty makes too much noise scratching at stuff and throwing his toys around, car lights also shine in the window least I have ear plugs to block most kitty noises. 

Still the problem bugs the hell do I get to sleep? Do I even have a pineal gland? Does it understand what a sleep-wake cycle is? I take a prescribed sleep aid, but it's been failing me for the past two weeks or so. I could take a higher dosage, but then I'd be groggy and zombie-like the next day. I think my body is sabotaging me - why would you do this to me?!